You are engaged and ready to tackle wedding planning. I know, it's overwhelming and exhausting,but worth it in the end!

If you go ahead and google wedding vendors, you will come across a LONG list of companies. 

As a wedding photographer, I have seen wedding days go great and terrible. It all depends on who you hire. It might seem tempting to book the least expensive vendor, but think about why they are not expensive. Do they not have experience, do they only do this part time, are there hidden fees that you don't know about?


I try to make things simple as a photographer, I only book one wedding a day and you are my main focus. 


What's in the packages?

  • All of my packages include a set amount of hours for your wedding day.


  • You will have the choice of one photographer or two on your wedding day.


  • Some packages include a complimentary engagement session and the engagement session can be added onto others that don't include it. 


  • Add print products to your packages at a discounted rate, so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself later!


  • All the packages include an adorable USB drive with your final edited images on it. You can print as you please down the road and share them on social media! 


  • Did I mention the online galleries? They allow you to view and share your images with friends and family! If Aunt Susie or Uncle Bob want a picture from their wedding, they can order it for themselves (so you don't have to take and place orders for everyone!)


Ok, what about the price??

With packages starting at $800 and ranging up to $3000 for all the bells and whistles, you don't need to freak out about price! No hidden fees, just straight forward clear business. Payment plans can be includes for no additional charge!


Now that was pretty easy wasn't it?!


Send me your information and we can chat about your beautiful big day!