How long until my images are ready?

For engagement Sessions, it typically takes about 2-4 weeks. For weddings editing can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks. This time frame may vary depending on when your wedding takes place. Summer and Fall weddings are usually in higher demand, therefore creating an influx of editing.


How many hours are included in each wedding package?

All of my Packages include a different number of hours that range from 4 hours to 10 hours. All of the hours are continuous, which means that our dinner break counts towards those hours. But don't freak-out, we take our break while you and your guests enjoy dinner as well! (No one wants pictures of themselves eating!)


Can I have/see all of the unedited images?

I believe in delivering a finished product to you, which means that I fully edit and deliver the images that I deem to be the best images from your session and wedding. I will, however, usually deliver a large majority of "dancing" and "candid" pictures from receptions so that you will have many memories to look back on! I promise that I do not hoard any images that you would love to see in your gallery! If you do still want to see unedited images, we can plan and setup an in person meeting where you can view the images with me. Any extra images that are requested to be edited will be subject to an additional editing fee.


How many images do you deliver from my session?

For engagement sessions, you can typically expect about 40 images from a one hour session. For weddings, you can usually expect about 20-60 images per hour. This number depends on what and when things happen. For example, if there is a huge delay in the day, I will try my best to fill that time. I do however believe in quality images over quantity.


Can I request specific images to be taken at my wedding?

I do send out a "shot list" before your wedding, so I can get a feel for what exactly you are looking for. Some clients want" specific shots” that they have seen on Pinterest, while I love those images as much as you, I would love to create images that are more personalized instead of copying the other images.


How do you handle dark and tricky lighting situations?

While I do like to maintain the ambiance of your venue, I also understand that the key to great images from your wedding day requires me to be proficient in using additional and outside light products. I use my lighting gear along with the available light to create images that are clean and properly exposed.


Do you require a vendor meal?

While I don't require a vendor meal, it is definitely accepted! For weddings 6 hours and longer, I do require a 30 minute meal and restroom break when food is provided. If food is not provided then I require a 1 hour break, that allows me to leave the grounds and acquire a meal. We are not responsible for any missed shots that may occur during our break. To help prevent photos from being missed, we will usually eat during the same time the bride and groom eat. This way, when they are finished eating, we are too!


How will I see my images after my session?

After your session you will typically be able to see a sneak peek within 48 hours. This sneak peek will usually be sent by email. Once your final gallery is ready, I will send you an email with a link to the online gallery. From this gallery you will be able to download and save your images to your computer so you can share and print. Once you approve your gallery, I will request your mailing address so that I can prep and send out your USB drive.


What is a "second shooter" and what benefits do they provide?

A second shooter is a second photographer that comes on your wedding day to help get different angles and shots for you! A second photographer is a great asset when you have a long and large wedding. They will usually start with the guys while they are getting ready and then join forces with me a little later in the day. The photographers that help on your wedding day are professionals that are usually running their own businesses. For this reason, I cannot guarantee that one specific photographer will be there. I do have numerous photographers whom I work with and a large network of additional professional wedding vendors whom I can help you find for your wedding day.


Do you deliver every image you take?

The short answer is no. I go through all of your images and get rid of any blurry, out of focus, or unflattering images. This way you only get to look at the best of your images from your wedding. I can promise you that I don't delete any images that I find acceptable or that meet my professional standards.


Have you shot at my venue before?

I have shot at many venues in and around Lancaster County, so there is a good chance I have shot at your venue before. If I have not, I would be more than willing to attempt to set up a walkthrough either with you on by myself. I am very sure though, that I can handle almost any lighting situation at whatever venue you choose.


Would you be willing to take an hour or two off during the middle of our wedding day and start back up when more things will be going on?

Unfortunately, all of my packages include coverage that is continuous. When I book a wedding, I am making a commitment to only have that event on my schedule. This prevents me from booking another paid client on the same day.


How many times can we expect to be in contact with you during our wedding planning?

While I try to be available as needed for each couple, everyone's expectations of communications are different. I am a small business and mother so my office hours vary day to day. You can expect most responses within 24-48 hours of contact. This gap is due to the fact that I am also helping other clients during that time, editing galleries, working at weddings/sessions, and being a mother to a toddler. 

During wedding planning I like to have about 2 "official" meetings and then smaller communications during the planning process. The first meeting is to learn about you and your needs. The second official meeting can be a phone call, but usually will be closer to your wedding date to obtain final details.


Do you make a timeline for us?

While I wish I could make a timeline for everyone, it is an extremely time consuming process that takes away from editing and other responsibilities I am held to. While I have no problem looking over a timeline you have already drafted up, planning out the entire event is better left up to an event planner. I suggest Simply Events Inc. to help coordinate your big day!


Do you drink on the job?

Other than possibly a small glass of champagne to toast with, no we do not drink on the job. I want to make sure I deliver the best images possible, this includes being alcohol free!


If you are unable to photograph our wedding, what happens?

I am part of a wide group of photographers who I can use to help me find a replacement asap. If I find out a week or more ahead of time that I won't be able to photograph your wedding, I will offer a refund for my services or find a photographer to cover the event for me. 

I unfortunately had to use my network of photographers this past June. I arrived at a wedding and was just parking when I found out my younger sister passed away. Luckily, I was able to have someone there to cover within 30 minutes of finding out I needed a replacement.