First off, lets figure out what an engagement sessions is and what they are for!

Engagement sessions started becoming popular in the past 10 years. Originally, the engagement picture was used in the newspaper to announce your engagement and intentions to be married. As technology has improved, social media has taken over, and pictures mean more than ever, engagement sessions became widely popular!

Why do I think engagement sessions are important? I think they allow the photographer to have a chance to work with the couple before their wedding. Some poses work well with one couple and not with another. Some couples prefer the candid smiles, while others want traditional posed portraits. I try to provide a little of both so you have plenty of options to share and enjoy.

I have had a couple people ask me what to do with engagement pictures. I personally have seen a couple different uses for engagement pictures including photo books, save the dates, and other uses.

Some couples opt to make a canvas from an engagement photo and then have guests sign it at their wedding reception. Some use the engagement pictures to make a sign in book for their wedding. A lot of couples use the images for save the date cards (which get sent out before your wedding). Of course plenty of couples post and share their images online for friends and family to see!

I love engagement sessions because you get to show of what makes you two a couple! Many couples will incorporate props that help tell their story. First, you may have to figure out what your story is. Are you marrying someone in the military? Did you love blossom over coffee or books? Maybe you met at a football game? You can use any of those options to help "style" your session to fit you and for fiancé.