One of my favorite things to photograph during the wedding day, is the "getting ready" portion. More specifically when the girls are getting ready. It takes me back to a time that reminds me of prom or getting together with my girlfriends before we went out to parties!

I've noticed however, that sometimes we hit a "snag" on wedding days. Let's be honest for a second, getting a wedding dress on a bride is a feat within itself, but some of the smaller details about said wedding can be challenging. That's where I come in! I've seen so many brides get ready that I have a couple tricks up my sleeve.

First thing is first, have everyone try on their dresses, shoes, suits, etc. AHEAD of time. Maybe have a "dry run" a week before he wedding to make sure everything fits everyone. I've seen bridesmaids struggle to get dresses on and I've seen them have dresses falling off their body because they didn't fit right anymore! Also, shoes should be worn around and broken in when possible. Your feet will hurt if you don't and then you won't get to enjoy your day! Pro tip: put on a pair of wool socks, then your heels. Use a hair dryer to heat the shoes up a bit with the socks on and they should stretch a little to help with getting them worn in!

It's always a good idea to have a small sewing kit on hand during your wedding day, buttons fall off and dresses are too loose. You never know what you will need it for! Another small thing to keep with you is clear nail polish. It great to touch up nails if they start to chip but it's ever better to "glue" back on any loose beads that are falling off dresses. It's an old sewing hack I learned for when thread is fraying or not staying put!


Another quick tip I learned during getting ready is to have a crochet hook or a fork near by when the bride gets dressed. Ok, it sounds super weird, but trust me it works. When the bride has buttons on her dress, it makes it so much easier to put the buttons through the loops with a hook of some sort! It will save your sanity and make your life easier! Another tip, if you don't have buttons but rather have a zipper, put one of those circle key rings on the zipper part to make it easier to pull up. You can take it off after you're done, but your fingers will definitely thank you!

One last time I have learned, if you are worried about your undies or other part of your outfit "rolling" or "bunching" up then spray yourself with stick hairspray first! It will make the fabric stay in place for the most part. Now, if you start sweating, that's a different story.