This summer has been one of the most eventful, tragic, and chaotic ones I have ever had.

I wanted to write on here to let you all in on personal events that have happened, and why I have been a little distant lately.

First off, my summer of weddings was off to an amazing start! I have been a part of some amazing and beautiful weddings, and then things got chaotic. Just as quickly as my summer season started in June, it quickly came to a halt.

I am one of 5 children in my family, I have 2 brothers and HAD 2 sisters. Had is the key word there because only one of my sisters is still alive. On the morning of June 24th, 2017 I received tragic news, my younger sister had taken her own life. At a mere 19 years old, her beautiful soul was taken away quickly as she succumbed to her depression that she had been battling for many years. My sister Emily will forever be in my heart.

The grieving process has not been easy what-so-ever. They say that suicide impacts at least 6 people, in my sisters case it was MANY more. Luckily we have had an amazing support system of friends and family to help us through this day to day grieving. I myself, had to take a couple weeks away from my business to try and cope with myself and my family.

I had recently experienced a miscarriage in late March, so when I found out I was expecting in early June I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Luckily I did tell my younger sister before she passed that I was expecting. I didn’t want to announce too early in case of another miscarriage. 

This pregnancy is going great though! The baby is growing perfect and we finally decided to announce with our first sons help! 

As soon as we announced, my morning sickness started. I get what’s called Hyperemesis, so I tend to lose weight and not eat much due to extreme nausea. Low and behold, I was wisked away to the hospital on July 22nd to get fluids and nutrition. I had lost 13 pounds in a short 2 week period and was only able to eat about 500 calories as day. The detected ketones in my urine and decided to keep me over for extra fluids and observation. Unfortunately, even with medications, my morning sickness has not subsided. So I try to eat when I’m hungry and work as much as I can without getting sick.

So as you can see, my life has been a roller coaster ride of emotions! We are so excited for our new baby even though I won’t be able to share the moment with my younger sister this time around.

I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who support me and my business and have been so extremely patient with my work.