Rachel & James met with me in 2016 to discuss their wedding. We spoke about their beautiful ideas and what exactly they were looking for. I don't know if the words actually came out, but I got the feeling that it would be a modern rustic theme that was held in a beautiful updated barn. 

When I arrived the day of their wedding, there was a slight chance of rain. We kept our fingers crossed, and luckily had no rain the entire day! The winds did pick up and the skies became a beautiful dark blue color scattered with darker clouds, which all made for even lit wedding photos! As a wedding photographer's opinion goes, cloudy days are the best! the sun doesn't make it too hot, and the clouds help diffuse the light so that it's even and bright all around. Usually it makes it so that there are no harsh shadows, and you can use almost any background without worrying about the sun!

The had a ceremony that included them "planting" a tree together. They then took that tree home and actually planted it in their yard. The winds became so strong during the ceremony, that some of the groomsmen had to hold the archway up! We were able to make it through the entire ceremony without and glitches and the wind was only a minor issue!

The ceremony was followed by the reception which was held in the beautiful barn on the property. Friends, family, and loved ones in heaven celebrated the union of Rachel and James. They ended up dancing the night away after cutting the cake and other formalities.


Congrats on your beautiful wedding Rachel and James! Thanks for letting me be your wedding photographer. 


Venue: Lakefield Weddings (http://www.lakefieldweddings.com/)