Lets plan on how to prep for your engagement session!

First: Pick a date that works best for you. You should plan to start about 1 to 2 hours before sunset. Timing is key to have the optimal sunlight for your session. While it may seem like you can take pictures at any time during the day, having “soft lighting” is optimal for romantic evenly lit pictures. If you try to take a picture outside during the afternoon, you will have harsh light and shadows. The sun might even be bright enough to reflect the green from the grass back onto your skin (no one wants to look like the Hulk). Not to mention squinting from the sun being so bright! Hence why it will be best to shoot in the early evening before sunset.

Second: Lets talk outfits. You should generally pick 2 to 3 outfits that are easy to change into. Sometimes you will be changing in public or possibly your car! It’s always best to bring a more dressy outfit as well as something a little more casual. You can even mix it up with some uniforms or football jerseys to help tell your story of how you got to this point in your relationship! Try wearing layers to help you change easier with outfits. Lastly make sure to bring comfy shoes if there will be a lot of walking or hiking! 

Third: Props are always fun! Bringing signs, objects, wine glasses (with wine!), couches, or even a chair will make your session more unique. Feel free to look on Pinterest or even through our other blogs to get some ideas of what others have used!

Fourth: Have an open mind! Posing might feel awkward but look awesome. I’ve done numerous sessions where I’m pretty sure my clients think I am super weird. I will tell you to whisper dirty secrets, small hair, and other fun prompts. While they may seem silly, you will more than likely genuinely laugh, and it will look so much more candid on camera.