These past couple of weeks we have been experiencing a ton of rain. So much that I've had to reschedule plenty of different sessions!

I am so glad that on the day of Nikki's engagement session, there was no rain in our forecast and it was sunny! So we all headed to Conrad Weiser Homestead to start the shoot. When we got there, I noticed a tiny fluff ball had gotten out of the car. When I walked towards them, the tiny fluff ball began to wag his tail. Nikki & Patric had added a new (and rather adorable!) member to their family! Murphy is an almost 4 month old Border Collie whom they adopted the day before. He was my surprise assistant for the evening! Luckily, since I have a Border Collie puppy as well, I had some great "treats" to keep him busy and interested during our session!


We walked around finding many different opportunities for great images, and Murphy behaved beyond what my imagination would have thought. Who knows, Murphy might be apart of this beautiful wedding next August!