When I first met Lydia, I was at the "Something Used" sale in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She noted that she loved my outgoing personality and she contacted me a couple weeks later about photographer her wedding and engagement session! I was thrilled to hear from her and even more excited to hear that her wedding would be in Delaware on the beach! I couldn't pass up such a wonderful opportunity and we got to planning everything relatively quickly since her wedding was only a couple months away! 

Flash forward to June 23rd, and we had scheduled her engagement session at Overlook park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Most people are a little thrown off by Overlook park, the first thing you see is a playground and Bocce courts. When you start to walk back a little further, you find tree lines, fields, and beautiful flowers. They are all part of Overlook's Disc Golf course, so I always make sure I am being respectful of the players! 

We had the setting sun shining through the beautiful tree lines during the session. Lydia and Franklin had no trouble showing their affection for every image I requested. Their love radiated out from both of them. 

I was shocked to learn about their first date, which was 12 hours long! They met up for an early lunch at a restaurant and got to talking. They talked for so long that they ended up staying until closing time! The date didn't stop there, they both talked on the phone to each other the entire way home as well! 

You can tell that their love is genuine and bold. I loved working with them and cannot wait to be apart of their beach wedding in July! 

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