It was a gloomy and rainy day today and I was stuck inside my with crazy rambunctious toddler. I knew he needed to burn some energy, since he refused to take a nap today and he was cooped up inside. So I packed up myself, my dog, and my husband and we headed off to the park!

I had just bought TJ (my son) an umbrella the other day, since he kept trying to steal mine. It's a super adorable ducky one and perfect size for him! I thought today would be an awesome day to grab some cute shots of him with it. When we got to the was empty. Only one person walked past us the entire time. It was kind of nice not having to dodge and grab pictures around everyone for once! I originally wanted just pictures of TJ with his umbrella but everything changed when I saw a 6 foot long puddle!

TJ has never jumped in a puddle before and since I put his rain boots on him today, I figured what better day then when I had my camera! I showed him the puddle and showed him how to splash. The rest is history! He was laughing and running the whole time. I know he had a great time because he didn't want to leave at the end!

Two lessons learned today:

1.) Always bring a change of clothes for a toddler

2.) Let your toddler run through puddles when they skip nap time, they will be extra tired when they come home!


When he first walked in, he looked surprised and happy all at once! He had never played in puddles before!