The other day I had ordered a cute white dress off of Etsy. It was pretty cheap, and I thought it would be adorable to have someone model for me! I found my model, Kayla, through my (soon to be!) sister in law. We discussed the shoot and decided to head to Founder's Hall in Hershey, PA for our session. 

It was a warm winter day but once we hit the open fields, the winds picked up and sent shivers down our spines! Kayla didn't seem to mind though and kept modeling for me without a problem!

I grabbed a bunch of images throughout the session but some of my favorites are shown below!
I wasn't originally planning on having any snow in the background, but it just so happened that it didn't melt out that way yet.

For my bouquet, I grabbed some flowers from our local dollar store and hot glued them together with a ribbon. It was a very quick, cheap session with some wonderful images that we got out of it!