The other day I had a wonderful session with Jessie. I have known her for a couple years now, as our families go way back. When she asked me to photograph her for her Senior year, I couldn't say no! We headed over to Northern Lebanon High School and set up at the softball fields for our shoot. I knew that I wanted to take some really fun and dramatic shots for her. Something to show just how tough she really is! I definitely think we got some great ones!


I am personally a sucker for black and white images. I think they have a very "moody" feel to them. It works perfect when you need to put your "grr" face on!


I wanted to be sure to get a picture of the bat, ball, and glove by themselves. I love having them because then the client can look back and see the gear they used!


Jessie plays for multiple teams so we wanted to include a picture with all of her sport shirts in it!


Dramatic skies, mixed with a little bit of flash photography makes for some great athletic photos! It really sets them apart.


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