Jen and I never met until the day of her wedding. I had known her through her sister Meghan, whom I knew through the Lebanon Softball League (long story, I know!) 

There was a terrible situation that rocked Lebanon County before I met Jen, her brother had passed away due to a drug overdose. That situation hit a little too close to home for me, so I contacted Jen when she needed a wedding photographer. I told her that I would photograph her wedding for free on one condition, she should take whatever budget she had for a wedding photographer and donate it to a drug and addiction rehab facility in honor of her brother.


Flash forward to her wedding day, it was a joyus occasion celebrated by friends and family and they also found a way to include their late brother. You can see for yourself how beautiful the wedding day was and I am so lucky to be able to give back to the community as a wedding photographer for the Lebanon, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Central Pennsylvania area!