Once in a while I love to give back to my friends and family. I can't usually do much for them except take pictures because, well, it's my profession! Most of the time they are more than fine with that option though.

Recently, a friend of mine I wanted to give back to had asked about doing some Mother's Day Pictures for her and her two boys - I couldn't say no to their cuteness! Her oldest son, Lex, is almost the same age as my son. Her younger son, Jack, is about 9 months old. Crystyn is a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, awesome Momma who inspires me to try new things with my own son. I'm not quite sure how she manages two boys, because I can barely handle one some-days!

Lex was a bundle of energy, as I would expect from a 2 year old! He would stay still for about 30 seconds and then he was off! I got a couple cute shots from our session by coaxing him to pick flowers for his Mom and blowing some of the "wishies" (Don't make fun of me, it's what I call the white puffy Dandelions!) Jack on the other-hand wanted nothing to do with me or my camera, and had his "mug-shot" face on the entire time! That's O.K. though because we got some great shots and had a wonderful time!


If you are interested in the Wraps and Slings that Crystyn is wearing in the pictures, they can be found here and here.

Crystyn also has her own blog that she writes and you can find that here if you're interested! She always has great product reviews and is an awesome resource if you are interested in Babywearing!

Crystyn is wearing the Rainbow Ring Sling from Butterfly Baby Company

Crystyn is wearing a Blue & Purple Wrap from Clementine Skylight