Alexis and I first met up at Starbucks over a cup of coffee. She had brought her daughter along and Zach joined us a little later. My first impression of these two were that they had such an amazing relationship built around Jesus. They both were such happy people and as they told me about their wedding plans, I instantly became happy myself. That's when I knew that they were the type of couple I would love to work with. 

When I arrived to their fall wedding, the hot sun was beaming down. We didn't let the heat stop us from having an amazing day though! As the girls got ready so did the guys. Once both Zach and Alexis were ready, they had a "blind first look". You may be asking yourself, what is a "blind first look"? Well, traditionally, the bride and groom don't see or talk to each other before the ceremony. Some recent brides and grooms have opted for a "first look" or a set time before the ceremony where they are secluded and see each other for the first time that day. Alexis and Zach wanted to do something in between both of these options so they had the "blind first look" where they didn't see each other, but instead held hands behind a door while they had the opportunity to pray together before their ceremony. This moment made me cry, as I watched them so tenderly touch each others hands and quietly pray together. 

Up next was the ceremony. I can't get over how heartfelt Zach's reaction is to seeing his bride walk down the aisle. You can tell he cares so deeply about Alexis by the tears that formed in his eyes. During the ceremony, as Zach said his vows to Alexis, he paused and walked over to Alexis's daughter. He knelt down and spoke some soft and meaningful vows to her. Everyone, including myself began to cry again. What an amazing gentleman he is to not just think about his bride, but also her daughter.

After the ceremony the night was partied away! There was lots of laughter, love and fun that was all contained within the beautiful barn at Blue Hound Farm. This couple had thought out every part of their day and everything went off without a hitch! 

Thank you Zach & Alexis for allowing me to be apart of this glorious day in your lives. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for both of you!