Around Christmas break, we had the wonderful opportunity to get my entire family together for a picture! My older sister lives in Pittsburgh and my brother is in the Air Force, so trying to get everyone together is usually chaotic or impossible. Being able to get all of us together, color coordinating, and not trying to kill one another is a rare occurrence!

With the help of my camera timer and a patient bunch, we got some great family pictures in a short amount of time!

This is all of us! Husband, brother-in-law, grandmother, and my son included!

These are my wonderful parents with my son. He loves them just as much as they love him!


This is my Mom and Dad. They have been married for 25 long years! Even through their ups and downs they stay together.


This is all 3 sisters! As you can tell, there is another family member on their way!

My father, and both of my brothers.


My fathers mother (my grandmother) and my father.


All 5 siblings together. The last time we all got a picture together was in 2008?

All 4 girls in my family (plus one!)


Last but not least, my grandmother with my son! I love seeing the generation gap!